While I wouldn’t say I’m a sucker for the sort of soulful house that England and various parts of the US are producing at the moment, I have certainly found myself gravitating towards the revived genre in recent months. To play armchair psychologist, it seems to have something to do with the genre’s focus on basic, simple emotions–love, lust, loss–expressed plainly over soulful grooves and abundant, warm bass. It’s a combination that can elevate otherwise treacly sentiments.

Versatile British producer Drums of Death’s “True” rides on bouncy bass and synth lines that put a bit of melancholy into its step–the secret stock-in-trade of deep house and its derivatives. While not purely deep house, “True” draws definite and well-used influence from the genre and its close cousin two-step. Vocalist Yasmin doesn’t have the most powerful voice, but she fits the songs needs nicely, riding the groove and injecting just enough of her own soul to give actual feeling to familiar words. It’s the London sound through and through (or “proper London vibes” as a New York boy like me might say in an attempt to sound authentic).