People had their doubts about this whole Jay-Z/Samsung deal. Some were disappointed about Hov “selling out,” while others were just annoyed that Samsung users would be the only ones who would get to hear the album first. Well, tonight was the night that users of the Magna Carta Holy Grail Samsung app would be able to download the album. The only thing we should have seen coming, however, was how millions of people trying to load the same app might cause some problems.

The Samsung app crashed.

Meanwhile, Funk Flex is talking his shit while Hot 97 is streaming the album in its entirety. Those who were promised the album five days in advance probably won’t hear it before anyone else, and by the time the app gets fixed, the album will probably be on the Internet. This whole thing is a mess, and people are not happy. Here are 30 people who now hate Samsung and Jay-Z because of the MCHG app debacle.

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