After interviewing Gunplay a couple of times (read here and here), we realized that this is a man who has things to say. Gunplay is a fascinating character and it shows through his music and his interviews, so we wanted to give him a platform to speak his mind and say whatever he wanted. He agreed to write a monthly article for us and we agreed to publish it unedited. This month, Gunplay addresses the war on drugs.

The War on Drugs

By Gunplay

Who does it really affect – the war that is. Is the war on drugs really executed to remove the drugs from our country – ‘America the Free Country’ or is it a cover up? Was it designed to eliminate those that are less fortunate and have taken this road to keep from living in poverty or was it really designed to rid America of the problem? Through all the subliminal messages portrayed by the media, to one it would seem as though our government is trying with all its power conquer the problem. Nevertheless, let’s be real and deal with the truth. It is the United States Government that has infiltrated this country with drugs. Otherwise, with all the technology and intelligence tactics in place it would be impossible to get them past our borders.

What does our country want? What does it need? Would it be weapons? What exactly is it? Is it money? Whatever ‘it’ is, this is the reason I believe this “smoke-screen” War on Drugs will never be over, nor overcome. I’ve watched countless documentaries that have told the stories of our government’s involvement in infiltrating our country with drugs. And I believe as long as it benefits the US it will continue to be a problem.
With all that being said, I would never want to avoid speaking about those that are addicted to drugs. While I am compassionate about them and their situations, I still stand by my opinion that this problem will NEVER be eliminated!

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