On Gilligan Moss‘ new track “Hemlock” gospel goes green and grows choral arrangements like they’re cherry blossoms. Seven minutes of electronic moss and samples as delicate as petals dictate the organic feel of this song. A linear string of piano, synthesized vocals whorled into harmonies, and cyclical samples to top it all off—this track avoids the dead, cold feel that some digital-based songs assume and feels as fresh and bright-eyed as any acoustic number.

The lyrics never come through in discernible English—and it’s unclear if they’re in another language—but somehow the emotion still comes through. Hilly Dilly postulates that it’s Beyonce singing in Russian, or perhaps the sample played backwards, and both seem plausible. Poison though Hemlock may be in nature, sonically this song is all about growth. Stream the debut below and look for more from Moss in the near future.