This song pretty much personifies my thoughts and feelings at 22. Knowing you’re not doing things at your full potential and being somewhat content with it.

ForteBowie is one of a number of promising young artists bubbling out of Atlanta’s hip-hop scene, a multifaceted melting pot of styles and sounds that encompasses trap rappers, modern hippies, the deepest of the underground, and the most radio-ready. It’s a fascinating environment that’s quickly producing the next wave of popular rappers and simultaneously fostering the creation of the sort of alternative hip-hop one would hope for in the wake of albums like Good Kid, M.A.A.D City attaining commercial success.

“Irresponsibility” isn’t the perfect introduction to ForteBowie’s style, but it does feature a number of the characteristics that make him an intriguing talent: His ability to switch up his flow within verses, his singing voice, his self-deprecation, and subtly clever writing. “Irresponsibility” is a song inspired by dichotomy; Forte vents his frustrations as a young rapper, a student in debt dealing wanting to blow up as an artist, while simultaneously giving into escapism, acting reckless to escape from the pressures and roadblocks of the real world. It’s a sentiment likely to resonate with any young creative person still searching for an outlet and recognition, feeling their talents aren’t being met with the requisite response (which, of course is the product of a number of interconnected circumstances, but that’s for another post on another day).

Check out “Irresponsibility” below.

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