A few months back, I stumbled upon the Soundcloud page of Brooklyn-based producer Yung Gutted. His obscenely heavy “HOOD” inspired a call to action post, titled “Someone Needs to Rap on this Massive Beat.” The good news: According to Gutted himself, someone will be rapping on it soon. The bad news: We have to wait to hear someone hopefully lose his mind over one of 2013’s most vicious productions.

In the interim, Gutted sent over a new beat. Blowing out the influence of Three 6 Mafia to hazy, deep-in-the-red, speaker-busting proportions, the fittingly titled “DAGGERS” is a two and a half minute riot seen through codeine-tinted lenses. It’s a nightmarish ride that takes one left turn after another, ending in…well, just get to the end and find out.

Below “DAGGERS,” check out the equally destructive “SATANS” and watch a mind-melting promo for Gutted’s upcoming Internet Graveyard Vol. 2. Don’t give your speakers a break until they burst into flames