If you’re a fan of the current blending of R&B influences through the broad spectrum of electronic music (let’s mark the beginning of the trend at James Blake‘s self-titled 2011 album for the sake of ease), you’d do well to keep an eye out for Nashville trio Basecamp, consisting of producers of producers Aaron Miller, Aaron C. Harmon, and Jordan Reyes. Debut single “Emmanuel” bears all the trappings one would expect of the still-developing subgenre genre–gauzy, ethereal vocals, skittering drums, a rich, warm palette of synths and shifting sounds–with a dance-leaning twist; it wouldn’t be surprising to hear these vocals mixed into a house-heavy DJ set.

The beauty of “Emmanuel” lies in its toeing the line between the moodier indie R&B that occupies so many megabytes across the internet and a more accessible, polished take on the aesthetic that points to a predilection, however subtle, for the dance floor. A promising sign of things to come.

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