Release date: June 4 Highlights: "Modern Jesus," "Purple Yellow Red and Blue"

Working with Danger Mouse as a producer lent an air of purpose to Portugal. the Man's latest studio album Evil Friends. For a band that has been independent, been on their own label, and now reside comfortably among Atlantic's historic ranks, the partnership with one of this industry's foremost experts was a logical step. Yet, the sonic fingerprints of Brian Burton remain just that—fingerprints. This album is still decidedly on par with John Gourley's defiant, innovative take on rock and roll. Valuing touchstones like the Beatles, Oasis and the Rolling Stones, Gourley manages to update these traditional sounds with his own signature twist, creating a legacy in his own right. With tracks that vault between the roar of "Hip Hop Kids" and the slow roll of "Purple Yellow Red and Blue," this record solidifies Portugal. the Man as one of our generations most prolific and important acts.—Caitlin White