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When asked what he’s working on, Madlib says that he’s doing jazz records, working on some side projects, helping with Mos Def’s album, and playing instruments/making live music. So What about the long-awaited Madvillainy 2?

“DOOM, like… that’s why the album’s not out now, because it has to be when he’s ready to do that,” the veteran producer explains. “It’s a whole different thing. And I understand. The label don’t understand, but I understand. It’s never pressure, it’s just that they want a product when they can get it, but if you’re an artist you give it when you can. That’s just how it is.”

But perhaps best of all is Madlib’s answer when asked, “What still excites you about being a musician?” He explains, calmly of course, “I don’t know. I’m a laid back dude, I don’t really get excited.”



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