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After interviewing Gunplay a couple of times (read here and here), we realized that this is a man who has things to say. Gunplay is a fascinating character and it shows through his music and his interviews, so we wanted to give him a platform to speak his mind and say whatever he wanted. He agreed to write a monthly article for us and we agreed to publish it unedited.

Gun Control

By Gunplay

Ultimately, in my opinion, in the grand scheme to disarm the American Citizen is to first divide and then conquer! To take away our right to protect ourselves is absolutely ludicrous. It is clearly a tactic for our government to weaken the American people and gain more control. While I am in disagreement to this act, I DO NOT agree with some of the past erroneous acts of crime that have been committed by the use of guns and pure evil. The following acts such as the Virginia Tech Massacre, the mass shooting at the Batman movie premiere, the shooting at the Boston Children’s hospital, and the heartbreaking shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school, to name a few, were all senseless and heartless. My condolences go out to the families.

Nevertheless, my belief is that it will be impossible to do away with guns completely. It is one thing to remove or revoke the permits and guns from citizens that have purchased their weapons legally. But it is a total different task to try and confiscate guns from those that have stolen or purchased their guns illegally.

And last but not least, as a man, I deserve the right to protect my family. In any event an intruder should break into my home I feel as though I should not be deprived the right to protect them even if it means using a gun.


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