Adding to a long list of prodigious contributions to humanity that includes Maori tattoos, world-class rugby, Peter Jackson and a shit-ton of sheep, New Zealand’s latest export is the smooth and sultry electro-indie duo Doprah. The brainchild of Steven John Marr, Doprah got a recent facelift with the addition of vocals from Indira Force. Together, the two have created a sound that blends the moody ambience of Portishead with an ear for melody more in line with Electric Guest and The Shins—especially on the smoky, wee-hours cool of “Whatever You Want.”

Marr’s production is on point throughout, blending neon synths usually reserved for house and dance music with more conventional guitars and bass. The result is a unique hybrid of genres that gets its finishing touches with breathy vocals from Marr and Force that fit together like fresh-spun sheep’s wool and a crispy Sauvignon Blanc. Stream “Stranger People” and “Whatever You Want” below:

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