Earlier today, Bloc Party announced the upcoming release of “Next Wave Sessions,” a five-song EP set to drop on August 12. “Ratchet” is one of two tracks produced with legendary London producer Dan Carey, and the result sees the English rockers adopt a more atonal, dancey vibe than their more recent work. The definition of “ratchet” still remains up in the air, however. The last pigeons to come in maintained it described a skanky ho that one would “smash and leave,” at least according to Uncle L. Bloc Party would have us believe it stands closer to getting crunk, perhaps even…turnt.

Despite all the hype sure to surround “Next Wave Sessions,” guitarist Russell Lissack maintains Bloc Party will take (another) hiatus following the summer tours: “Definitely after we finish the festivals in the summer we’ll be taking some time off. At least six months, maybe a year, maybe two years, it’s hard to say.”

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