We highlighted Benin City as one of the best new artists of 2013 (so far) off the strength of the stunning, impassioned “Faithless,” as well as other assorted goodness on the London-based three-piece’s Soundcloud page, and now we have a full album to listen to it could not be more clear that our excitement was fully justified.

Fires In The Park is the debut album from Benin City, who are vocalist Joshua Idehen, Tom Leaper on tenor sax/synths, and Theo Buckingham on drums. On the first listen it is Idehen’s instantly recognisable vocals, which vary between spoken-word and sung, that steal the show, but as you delve further into the music, you’ll start to realise that all three parts of this band are indispensable, each contributing to Benin City’s one of a kind, genre-mashing sound. This is a record full of personality, energy, and wonderful surprises, a collection of songs that revel in their Britishness, whether that be in the lyric’s London references or the bass-heavy shards of underground raves past that work their way into the production.

The wholly engrossing Fires In The Park is out July 1 (pre-order here), but we’ve got the full album stream for you today. Listen below.