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Today, Fryars gives us another look at his forthcoming album Power, which by the sounds of things is going to be an expansive, poignant tour de force for the young artist. Having announced his return in style with the twitchy melancholia of “Love So Cold,” Ben Garrett showed off a mastery of inventive pop balladry with “On Your Own,” and further hinted at the stylistic range of his sophomore album on the romantic, sun-dappled “Sequoia.”

Debuting exclusively on Pigeons & Planes in the form of a live rehearsal video, “Can’t Stop Loving You” is an expansive, unpretentious, somewhat Brian Wilson-esque love song which truly is a thing of gentle, subtle beauty.

Ben Garrett has commented that the new album, a concept record of sorts, follows a narrative arc and “runs like a film soundtrack” with each song reflecting a certain moment in the main protagonist’s life, and while loftily ambitious projects of that sort often underwhelm, with the maturity and talent he’s shown so far, I wouldn’t bet against Power being a resounding success.


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