An exception to every rule: Those who say “never judge a book by its cover” would be wise to watch their words around Alexander Spit‘s latest project Mansions 2.

While the cover image–four melting, twisted women in black and white–doesn’t do complete justice to the beats, sketches, fragments, and sound slices contained in the mixtape’s absolutely stuffed 38-minute run time, it does give an accurate window into the psychedelic (or, as Spit labels it, “unapologetic”) style the emcee/producer has been developing. Mansions 2 feels both exploratory and complete in its aesthetic, a search for a style and the sounds that define that style coming together at the same time to create something satisfying and open-ended enough to point to further growth. Songs like “The Sky Is Falling,” “Pullover Hoodies,” and the sinister “Zombie Blap” are excellent crossroads of older sound collages and newer techniques, soundscapes that could be completed by vocals but are just as satisfying on their own terms.

Stream and download Mansions 2 below.

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