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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything from Death Grips, but here’s an update for fans of the controversial group. Death Grips’ drummer, Zach Hill, is currently working on writing, directing, and soundtracking a film. This means that Hill won’t be touring Europe with the rest of the gang, but this also means that there’ll be an upcoming film that may very well be as bizarre as Death Grips’ music videos.

In a related vein, the band put out an official statement that squashed rumors regarding whether member/producer Andy “Flatlander” Morin is still with the group.

Zach is currently writing, directing and soundtracking an original feature film. The movie is of his own creation, fictionally based and not related to the group. The film will be soundtracked with all new Death Grips music. He is also working on and recording the new Death Grips album at the moment. Death Grips is Stefan. Zach. Andy. Zach is very much still in Death Grips.

– Death Grips


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