Young Wonder, a young synth-pop group from Ireland, released the impressive, sparsely-titled single “Time” and this gauzy video rekindles fascination for the track. Ticking clocks and timers bookend the breathy samples and wavy, piano-heavy synths that fade into looped vocal samples worthy of booming drums that hit right around the 1:00 minute mark. The visuals themselves are explorative clips of physical beauty—mountains pass through colored filters and melt into the faces of Rachel Koeman, Ian Ring and Darragh Nolan (of Sacred Animals), and then back into forests.

The sunsets, color and landscapes in this video are truly incredible, and they reflect the dynamic, layered feel of the song. It’s one of those tracks that makes the listener feel like something big is about to happen at every turn, as though it’s on the brink of something inevitable that rescinding at the last moment. The duo’s EP Show Your Teeth will be out May 6 on Feel Good Lost, who also directed and produced the video.

(The Fly)