At this point in the history of blogging, what I’m about to say may sound obvious, but bear with me: We get a lot of submissions at Pigeons and Planes. It can often be difficult to sift through a cluttered inbox, particularly when you don’t recognize 80% of the names and addresses in it.

Another statement that may go without saying: Recommendations from trusted sources are always welcome and help to cut through the confusion. You might not always love what you hear, but you at least know it’s coming from someone that usually provides quality or, better yet, knows what you like.

18 year-old French producer Dream Koala not only provides quality material, he also seems to know what we like.

“Pollen” by vocalist YellowStraps and producer Le Motel comes with the enthusiastic approval of our young French friend: “I’m SURE you gonna dig it and they are so unknown, its so rare to find that good music out of nowhere.”

Sure enough, “Pollen” is a gorgeous slice of low-key ambient R&B–the sort of music that at one time might have been labeled “trip-hop,” a soulfully atmospheric haze that bubbles but never boils over as YellowStraps’ vocals float across the moody, layered beat. It’s a sound designed for late nights, seductive and earthy.

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