You know what’s weird? When you go onto an artist’s website and see that kids you went to high school with are randomly into this artist. Mind you, I was the weirdest person alive for being a fan of Maxinquaye-era Tricky, and now it looks like the Phish fans have moved onto his brand of moody blues.

Last month, Tricky presented a video for “Does It,” featuring Francesca Belmonte (sounds like she really is the new Martina Topley-Bird), and now we’ve got a free download for another False Idols track, “Tribal Drums.” It does, in fact, include some form of tribal drums, but the real story here is the throwback Tricky style of beautifully-sung vocals from the female lead also being whispered in Tricky’s signature drawl. “Tribal Drums” is a hypnotic piece of music, chock full of experimental mixtures of far-off organs, guitar strums, and a number of different drum patterns.

You can grab this via Tricky’s Facebook page, and grab False Idols when it drops on May 28.