Under “influences” on their Facebook profile, Brighton’s The Wytches list Nirvana, Bright Eyes, and The Cramps. One listen to the new single and that makes sense. “Beehive Queen” has the kind of Jack White-esque vocals that dance around on that breaking point between excited and fucking crazy. If you’re planning on taking acid in a dirty garage any time soon, let this be the soundtrack.

“The band formed in November 2011 after moving down from Peterborough. Now based in Brighton, this Surf/Doom three piece comprise of guitar / organ / lead vocalist Kristian Bell; ADHD suffering drummer Gianni Honey, and fiercely eloquent bassist Dan Rumsey and mysterious second guitarist Mark Breed, who’s commitments at home and slight agoraphobic behaviour means that he will not leave Peterborough, and only expands the group to a quartet at home town shows.”

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