Wilsen is New York’s latest fledgling folk act and following the release of their initial single “Anahita” Pigeons & Planes is happy to premiere their second single “Dusk” which will be available June 10. The track immediately strikes a chord with the listener—whether it be lead vocalist Tamsin Wilson’s whispery strength or the swelling, soft build of the guitar behind her honeyed-voice. Then there’s the poetry embedded within the lyrics, Wilsen is one of those groups that still embraces story-telling and literary rhythms in their songwriting, alongside the intricate musical arrangements.

Surreptitiously, the song is about dusk rolling in, but like any great piece of music, it takes the physical concept and turns it into something much bigger, the idea of dusk as a feeling, a season in life, an inevitable but beautiful closing to something big. The second half of the track is a rolling-in of Wilson repeating the lines “dusk is rolling in” and washes of guitar that briefly rise, only to fall like the sunset the lyrics anticipate. Both “Dusk” and “Anahita” are off Wilsen’s debut album Sirens which is available now for download in iTunes.

Wilsen will be opening for recent 4AD signee Daughter during their most recent tour. Check out the tour dates below and stream “Dusk” for a beautiful bit of what genre distinctions have dubbed “dream folk.” Regardless of what it’s called, it’s spectacularly made music fit for dusk, morning, and any time in between.

Spring 2013 Tour Dates Supporting Daughter:

30th April – Bowery Ballroom, New York *sold out*
1st May – Bowery Ballroom, New York *sold out*
2nd May – The Black Cat, Washington
3rd May – Union Transfer, Philadelphia
4th May – The Sinclair, Cambridge
6th May – Cafe Campus, Montreal
7th May – Great Hall, Toronto *sold out*
8th May – A&R Music Bar, Columbus