Twin brothers Conor and Ian Bourgal are the driving force behind Colorado based indie-folk group Changing Colors, a band that sprang to life in the tiny town of Manitou Springs. After their inception with 2009’s release Ghost of Red Mountain, the brothers are back with a follow-up album entitled Joan & the King. The album will be out on May 18 on Blank Tape Records, and Pigeons & Planes is premiering their first single “Good Times.”

Conor, who writes most of the songs on his own, describes the song as the reflections of a character plagued by self-righteousness and humility.

The track came about after a conversation I had with my friend, Randy, who is a former Baptist minister from Texas and who is now a great questioner of everything,” Bourgal said. “He was telling me the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican, and I got pretty excited about it, went home and wrote the song. The character in this song is kind of fragmented. He is having real humble moments but then slipping back into self righteousness and so on.”

Waves of acoustic guitar are complemented by organ, lap steel guitar, simple percussion and billowing female harmonies. Stream and download “Good Times” below and look for their full album on May 18.

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