A couple of days ago I was BCCed on an email with the subject line: “Hidden gem.” Inside the email was a link to the video above, this Soundcloud page, and a short message that said, “I don’t know much bout her but keep an eye on her. Pure gold.”

In the description of the video:

A home-made video
Me – femaknights@gmail.com

The only email address included but not BCCed (meaning I could see it) on the email:


It seemed a little confusing that the sender knew nothing about the artist but was including her on the email, so I reached out to the person who sent it. I got no response.

The most interesting thing is that despite being an unknown artist with a “home-made” video, it seems like Fe knows exactly what she’s doing. The songs are well-crafted, the aesthetic is strong, Adrian Grenier is following her private Twitter account, and it’s easy to see Fe catching on in a big way. The introduction makes it hard not to think back to those first two Lana Del Rey videos and the approach she was taking when “Blue Jeans” and “Video Games” were just amateurish looking music videos from an artist who turned out to have a much deeper story.

Will Fe catch on? What will we find out as more details surface? Is the mysterious introduction thing getting played out? Not in the case of Fe—at least not for us. In the age of information overload, sometimes not knowing everything about a new artist is the best way to get into them, and we’re certainly into Fe right now.

If you are interested in finding out more, watch another video below, check out some photos, and head to her Facebook to find a few more clues.

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