At 7 p.m. last night I was sitting in an Asian market in the East Village, eating udon noodles and drinking a Sapporo with a friend. We were planning to go to a show at Mercury Lounge—a band named PYYRAMIDS—but it started pouring. I didn’t have an umbrella and I thought about how nice it would be to just walk down the street, lie on the couch in my apartment, and watch some animal shows. Once my mind snaps to something like that, it’s usually a final decision. I was on the list for this show, but I sometimes get on lists and then skip the shows with no remorse because I am a cold and heartless music blogger. Sorry.

“Wanna just skip?” I asked my friend. She got mad. She said she missed her class at the gym to come to this show, and she wouldn’t have come if we were just going to hang out on my couch. I was kind of offended, but she seemed all worked up about it, so I called her a dick and then said, “Fine.” We stopped at my apartment, picked up an umbrella, and started walking.

I didn’t have expectations, really. PYYRAMIDS had a couple songs I really liked—”Do You Think You’re Enough” and “Paper Doll”— but I still hadn’t put much time into their recently released album, Brightest Darkest Day. We walked in and the band had already started playing. We got more beer and maneuvered past the kid with the glittery backpack flailing like an asshole while his friend pointed and laughed like, “LOL, drugs!”

From here on, everything happened so fast. I don’t know exactly when it clicked, but I became a full-blown fan, and I may also be in love with the lead singer, Drea Smith, but who knows, love is hard to define.

PYYRAMIDS are professionals. They tilt toward loud, almost overpowering noise but pull back at all the right moments, giving way to Drea’s voice and the rock/pop melodies that drive their music. And Drea? She’s a rockstar. Like, not one of those rockstars that needs to put one leg up on the speaker and whip her hair around like, “I’M A ROCKSTAR.” She’s the kind of rockstar that grabs a mic with two hands and sings, and people around her just kind of nod like, “Yeah, rockstar.”

The three other members of the band are all kings too, but special shout to the drummer, who either broke a stick or accidentally threw it in the air—not entirely sure, but a piece of wood flew into the air and without missing a beat he grabbed another and kept going. Not many people in the audience caught that, but the ones who did definitely all went, “Oh, shit.”

There wasn’t much need for much convincing by the PYYRAMIDS got to their final song, but they went ahead and finished on a high note anyway, delivering a cover of PJ Harvey’s “Rid Of Me” that was brutal. As @PIZZA_PIMP_ so eloquently tweeted, “PYYRAMIDS DOING SUCH A GOOD PJ HARVEY RID OF ME COVER IM CRYING.”

If you get the chance to see PYYRAMIDS live, take it. Even if it’s raining outside.