The other day I was talking to @Cedar about the genius of Drake and she pointed out something interesting that kind of sums up part of the reason Drake is so successful: his appeal is diverse. On April 15 he dropped two new songs: “No New Friends” and “Girls Love Beyonce.”

“No New Friends” is a posse cut (technically a DJ Khaled song but let’s be honest) that is mostly going to appeal to males. You can already imagine an Instagram pic of a bunch of bros mean-mugging with the hashtag #NoNewFriends.

“Girls Love Beyonce” is the opposite. It has Drake and James Fauntleroy repurposing Beyonce’s “say my name, say my name” line, singing all gentle, and taking things slow. It’s most definitely not for those same bros in the Instagram pic.

Apparently he felt like he didn’t have all his bases covered, so now Drake enlists OG Ron C for a Chopped Not Slopped version of “Girls Love Beyonce.” This one is for the girls who are on a lot of drugs. Or guys who love Beyonce, and are also on drugs? Not really sure, but here it is: