Waka Flocka Flame was speaking out to several outlets yesterday about his recent beef with mentor and Brick Squad 1017 Leader Gucci Mane. After Gucci tweeted that he was dropping Waka from his label and made comments about disloyalty, Waka responded that he’s in charge of a big part of the Brick Squad name. The Atlanta rapper told Miss Info that he’d had aggressive words with Gucci and he didn’t plan to do business with him ever again, and he had something similar to say when he came by for an interview with Pigeons & Planes.

“Me and Gucci… nah we’ve never had altercations, like public shit like this,” Waka said. “I feel like maybe he know something I don’t know? Maybe it’s jealousy. I don’t fucking know, I never had a conversation with him. I really don’t care to have a conversation with him. The space I’m in in life right now, I try to get negative energy away from me. I don’t know man, that’s not the person for me.”

Despite their past together and Gucci’s mentoring of Waka, it seems the two will not be working together anytime soon. However, on Waka’s side there’s no hatefulness, just a desire to rid his life of negativity.

“I don’t need a guy with negative energy,” the rapper said. “Fuck the music, I don’t care how good your music is, if you’re not a good person, you’re music is going to fall with you. You can’t help somebody that doesn’t want to be helped, it’s impossible. I’m done trying to help. I just heard today that he got arrested. That’s sad.”

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