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We’re not going to get too heavy in discussing Wonda’s “When the Drums Come in at 2:08,” but a phrase came to mind when I fired up this deceptively clever song and its accompanying video:

The medium is the message.

The format, the technique, the method of delivery–these elements are as important to meaning as the actual ideas being communicated. “When the Drums Come in at 2:08” is an intriguing example of this phrase in action. For starters, it’s self-aware, alerting you in title and video (check out the count down) that the drums are coming 2:08. Without revealing one word or note, Wonda’s already laid out a sort of unusual anticipation, the sort that comes with watching a film based on history: you may know the outcome, but the enjoyment (and surprise) comes in the journey.

The video itself enhances the experience of listening to the song, highlighting certain lyrics with stylized words that pop up on screen as bodies writhe beneath a psychedelic light show. The song itself is an intriguing play on both rap and dance structures, tossing a traditional verse chorus verse structure aside for something more spiritually connected to Chicago house, with repeated phrases and a buildup to a central climax. It’s an odd mix and one that adds definite dimension to the song’s content.

Watch “When the Drums Come in at 2:08” below.