Foals‘ excellent new album Holy Fire is full of contrasts. From the Friendly Fires-esque fun of “My Number,” to the raucous “Inhaler,” to the expansive darkness of this song, the band have expanded their sound with overwhelmingly positive results. On top of that, they’ve proven themselves to have a good eye for music videos, with this clip for “Late Night” being the powerful, X-rated, and certainly NSFW companion to the “My Number” video.

Where “My Number” took us to a packed-out Foals concert, this visual, which was made in Romania, sees the band playing in the dreary bar of a shabby hotel whilst a grimly moving, sometimes shocking circle of life occurs in the rooms above them. Directed by Nabil, who has worked on videos for Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and Bon Iver, Foals have delivered something pretty special with this music video.

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