Swim Deep isn’t one of those bands that sparks comments like, “All their songs sound the same.” Because they don’t. The young English band gained traction with ’90s-style grungy pop songs, but their new single is a more expansive pop/rock sound with euphoric vocals that float inside the music.

The downside is that it’s hard to latch onto a band without a trademark sound—groups like The xx and Mumford & Sons are so popular, in part, because they’ve developed a sound that is easily recognizable and undeniably their own. The upside is that Swim Deep isn’t pigeonholing themselves, and instead of focusing on one element, like sparse backdrops or heaps of folky strings, the band is becoming known for something else: good songwriting.

The band’s debut album, Where The Heaven Are We, is set to drop this summer. Pre-order it here.

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