We’ve seen a lot of the top up-and-coming rappers form an alliance, frequently collaborate, perform, and hang out together, but according to ScHoolboy Q, things may get even more official. In an interview with XXL, the TDE rapper said he wants to do projects with some of his rapper friends, and reveals that he and a few others may even team up for a group project.

“Pharrell gonna be on [Oxymoron] if he don’t charge me $2 million. A$AP Rocky’s on there, he did his verse already. Danny Brown did his verse already. Ab-Soul did his verse already—that’s one [thing] I can tell you, everybody knows that. We’ve got a ‘Druggys Wit Hoes Part 3′—‘Druggys Wit Hoes Trois.’ I’ma make one of them [records] forever, as long as I’m rapping.”

“We may even do an album together, we’ve been talking about it—call that whole shit Druggys Wit Hoes. We may do it. Me and Rocky may do a project together, too. We’ve been talking about it, too. I’m just waiting to get this album out and just see what happens. As of right now, I don’t know. After this album, shit, I want to work with both the homies. I want to do a project with Soul and I want to do one with Rocky. Maybe we can even put our own little group together—me, Ab-Soul, Danny Brown and Rocky.”


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