In an era of immediate accessibility and the endless buffet of possibilities that exists for creators of all stripes–musicians, filmmakers, writers, graphic artists–the role of editor has become increasingly important. Careful selection of a few well-placed elements often trumps the deli-menu maximalism that can typify what you might encounter on a casual stroll through Soundcloud. Particularly in the realm of R&B, songs like Miguel’s “Pussy is Mine” and Frank Ocean’s “Forrest Gump” have shown how scaling back production and vocal layering can enhance the emotional impact of a song–no new concept, but one that’s easy to forget in the face of shiny nobs and infinite options in a Pro Tools session.

With the help of emcee Dom McLennon (a name you might recognize if you’ve been hanging around P&P for a minute), British singer/producer Azekel takes a sparse, beautiful guitar and a simple stomping beat, and turns out an affecting ode to a would be love. “That Feeling” is both the song’s title, key lyric, and a fitting description of the track’s power; in its simplicity and sound, “That Feeling” evokes precisely the emotion Azekel and McLennon speak of, longing mingling with love and lust.

Light a candle and give “That Feeling” a spin below.

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