The brotherly duo of Andrew and Daniel Aged, who record as inc., will release their debut album, No World, on February 19th, and it’s a subtle, personal, cohesive 40 minutes of hazy R&B that I have had on incredibly heavy rotation for over 3 months. It’s rare that an album takes such a strong and immediate hold of my listening habits, and remains in place for so long, but this is the kind of album that has both immediately catchy melodies, and the sort of personality that, once you get to know it, makes it feel as if it was written just for you.

If you caught “The Place” or “5 Days” back at the tail end of 2012 you would have got a taste of the brothers’ masterful use of space and rhythm in their music, and listening to the album as a whole just confirms how talented they are. The brothers have sessioned and toured with artists as varied as 50 Cent and Beck, but their own music has more in common with the new wave of artists reinvigorating R&B, and the release of No World should mark inc. out as one of 2013’s most exciting new bands.