Over Thanksgiving we brought you the exciting news that Youth Lagoon had finished his latest album and now, we have some more details on the upcoming LP. Wondrous Bughouse will be released on March 5 and, according to Trevor Powers himself, was inspired by “a fear of mortality but embracing it at the same time. Realizing that human life is only great because it is temporary. Experimenting with ideas about dimensions. I’m not a gifted speaker, so explaining things is difficult for me. But music always makes sense.” The record will be distributed through Fat Possum; check out the tracklisting below:

Wondrous Bughouse:
1 Through Mind and Back
2 Mute
3 Attic Doctor
4 The Bath
5 Pelican Man
6 Dropla
7 Sleep Paralysis
8 Third Dystopia
9 Raspberry Cane
10 Daisyphobia

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