Ty Segall is one of those names that we saw a lot of in 2012, but unfortunately didn’t pay much attention to. There’s just too much music, too many videos, and too much shit going on to consistently stay on top of every buzzing artist in the industry. Inevitably someone falls through the cracks. Luckily the Internet is a catch-all for, well everything, and it’s given us the opportunity to research who he is, what he’s accomplished, and what he’s currently working on.

Some of you may already be familiar with Ty Segall, but because we haven’t covered him a lot on P&P yet, it feels like a proper introduction piece is in order. We’ll keep it simple and just cover the essentials.

* He was born in 1987
* He is West Coast, Orange County/San Francisco product
* He is a singer/songwriter who plays both the guitar and drums
* He specializes in the lo-fi, psychedelic rock, and garage punk genres
* He is a member of seven bands in addition to maintaing a solo career
* He released three full-length albums in 2012

Long story short, he might be the hardest working, fastest recording, non-rap artist in the business. His music is news once again today because the young Segall has formed yet another band, his seventh, called Fuzz, which is a collaboration with fellow rocker Charles Moothart. The pair released a new 7″ single recently containing two records: “This Time I Got A Reason,” and the B-side “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream,” which sounds a lot like a Jimi Hendrix-possessed Black Keys song with a Black Sabbath twist.

Naturally the debut single, released via Chicago label Trouble In Mind, is already sold out. The good news is both tracks can be streamed below. If Segall continues at the blazing pace he set in 2012, wise money would bet that Fuzz won’t be the last time we hear from him this year.


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