Fourth edition of this series, and we’re flying high. Great way to end the week that was with the best in the world of EDM. This edition features free tunes from Nero, Figure and Om Unit, a serious mix from the legendary DJ Zinc, videos from Ital Tek and S.P.Y and plenty more!

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FACT Mix 348: DJ Zinc
The name DJ Zinc used to be synonymous with classic drum & bass anthems. About 12 years ago, he started experimenting outside of the dnb tempo and hasn’t looked back. FACT dropped a new mix from Zinc, showing this vet at his finest: mixing fresh cuts of his own alongside tunes from Redlight, Modeselektor, A-Trak and TEED (among plenty others) in a style that’s sure to help you pre-game whatever festivities you have going on tonight.

Heist – “The Shredder”
And now for something completely different. Drum & Bass producer Heist can drop any style of dnb it seems. He’s made the jazzier tracks, more deep/moody tunes and full on drumstep madness. After hitting 14K likes on his Facebook page this week, he decided to treat his fans to a free tune. He actually had a list of tracks to give away, and they decided on this dancefloor destroyer “The Shredder.” Yes, it includes some classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles samples. It’s just no nonsense, mindless fun. Live a little.

Calyx & TeeBee ft. Kemo – “Pure Gold”
The sophomore album from Calyx & TeeBee is dropping on Ram Records very soon. Each track they’ve dropped on Ram leading up to it has been a piece of art, and this new tune, “Pure Gold” featuring Kemo, brings drum & bass back to the sophisticated double bass sound. Kemo kicks a dope rhyme in the intro, reminiscing back to what it used to be about. It’s a dope departure from their more tech-oriented tracks. The flipside “Perspectives” is more what you’d expect from this duo. This single drops on the 29th of October, and features remixes from Wilkinson and Hostage on the digital version. Do Not Miss!

Ital Tek – “Nebula Dance”
It looks like Ital Tek’s fallen into the “footwork” scene that the rest of his Planet Mu crew has been obsessed with over the last few years. Well, this isn’t the best example of footwork, but he does incorporate elements of the sound into this new tune, “Nebula Dance.” Love the video for this; it plays like the complex dream of the sophisticated science major dropping shrooms before delving into his homework. Nebula Dance drops October 22nd.

Nero – “Won’t You (Be There)”
This tune from Nero‘s been roaming around the ‘Net for a bit as an unidentified tune from Nero & Skrillex, but this week they let it go for free under it’s proper name, “Won’t You (Be There).” Zane Lowe’s already made this his “hottest record in the world,” and it’s the title track from Nero’s next EP, dropping October 22nd alongside the 123BPM tune “Etude.” Remixes of “Won’t You (Be There)” from Club Cheval and trap powerhouse Baauer are on the EP as well. Serious track here, which you can download for free via Nero’s site.

Om Unit – “Ulysses VIP”
Earlier this week, Om Unit let loose a VIP version of their intriguing cut “Ulysses.” In true VIP fashion, it’s not a crazy departure from the original, but it does ramp up the intensity a bit. It’s a nice middle-of-the-spectrum track, and could play a nice transition tune for those who want to delve into footwork zones from the dubstep region. Or those who just want to wander off on a secluded beach with a whimsical instrumental to move them.

Dave Owen ft. Calculon & Flaco – Bootleggers Delight Vol. 1
Dave Owen’s style of Drum & Bass already was a throwback to the classic jungle style, primarily in the fact that it’s sample-based and the sub bass is just so warm. A number of his most acclaimed samples contain some combination of that style, and has lead him to knock out some really dope drum & bass for heads who grew up on hip-hop and other sample-based genres. It makes sense that he threw out a Bootlegger’s Delight compilation, featuring drum & bass bootlegs of tracks from The Notorious B.I.G., Mark Morrison, Orbital, Wale, Chris Brown and others. He even brought along Calculon and Flaco for the ride. Perfect compilation for those who might want to discover drum & bass but have no real knowledge of EDM. First timers. Shouts to Rad Summer for putting this out.

S.P.Y ft. Ian Shaw – “What The Future Holds”
We’ve been more drum & bass-centric this week, but there’s a lot of good coming out of the genre that a lot of people have written off. Dropping next week is the “special edition” of S.P.Y’s debut album for Hospital Records, What The Future Holds, and they released a dope clip of the title track this week. S.P.Y hails from Brazil but has been living in the UK for years now, and is one of the fresh faces helping push the dnb scene into the future. He can do it all, which his resume proves: he’s had tunes released on Metalheadz, Critical Music, Innerground and Spearhead (among others) before signing to Hospital exclusively, and has been shining brightly with each subsequent release. If you only buy one dnb album in 2012, you might as well make it S.P.Y’s.

Figure – “Super Sonic Brain Waves (VIP)”
Figure has been a staple of the Bass Music scene, with his tracks regularly running the gamut between dubstep, drumstep and other bass-heavy genres. He released a free VIP of his “Super Sonic Brain Waves”, and really upped the ante. Not only did he turn the BPM up from 70 to 87, but he also added a bit that switches-up into the 110 BPM range. Sick twist for the DJs who need something to transition with, or you freaks in need of a random slice of hyper beats thrown in. Rage to this one.

Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! – “Suspects”
One of the things that came out of the hullabaloo with Munchi and Azealia Banks was a mass of people asking “what the FUCK is a Moombahton?!” Lucky for you, Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! dropped a bit of that classic Moombahton sound for you guys this week. It’s another hybrid sound, mixing house music and reggaeton beats together. The name came from the pitching down of a remix of a track “Moombah” to 108 BPM. “Moombah” vs. reggaeton. Moombahton. Simple, right? Munchi helped define the scene with his tracks, and this cut “Suspects” is pure danger. No way to keep from moving when something this sick drops. Loads of build-ups, infectious beats. All you need.

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