When you listen to music, you can sometimes anticipate what’s going to happen next. You can feel when that big chorus is coming or guess that the song is about to calm down and maybe dip into a boring but necessary bridge. Challenging music leaves you guessing wrong and fucks with your brain. The most accessible music is sometimes so obvious that it’s entirely predictable. Both of these types of music have their places and times, but the real sweet spot is somewhere in the middle, where songs deliver exactly what you want from them before you even know you want it.

This is Little Daylight’s debut single, and the trio has found that sweet spot. It’s uncut pop, polished to a shine, and even with the slightly overused need-you-like-a-drug theme, this one is instantly lovable. It’s like when you bite into a piece of chocolate and then you realize there’s peanut butter in there and you’re like, “Of COURSE there’s peanut butter in here.” You didn’t see it coming, but it makes sense, and you’re glad it’s there. Good call.

You can download the song for free at Stereogum.