There is music you instantly like and music you instantly dislike, and then there is music that, for whatever reason, captures your interest but leaves you not knowing what to think. This is the third kind.

G3NESIS’ look and sound is something that may be a little confusing, but also makes perfect sense in 2013. There are elements of Kitty Pryde and Kilo Kish mixed in with a little Grimes, and while it leaves something to be desired musically—the lo-fi production is basic, the rapping sounds amateurish—it is clearly the style and aesthetic that makes this so engaging and interesting.

The duo is sure to have polarizing effects. Some will immediately cosign simply because G3NESIS feels like something that, with a little push, could be the new hype. Some won’t get it and will immediately dismiss it as garbage. Others will just be like, “Hm, I don’t even know what to think.” I guess that’s where I’m at right now, but it will be interesting to see if this picks up any momentum.

G3NESIS is from Vancouver, BC, and consists of Genesis Mohanrai (rapper) and Kelin Kaardal (producer/singer). Thanks to Cracked Atoms for the heads up.

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