Vocal/piano covers of rap songs are almost always corny. It’s in their nature. It’s like if you put a dog in a hat, it will be goofy. It’s impossible for a dog not to look goofy in a hat, because dogs don’t wear hats. But there’s also something kind of funny and cute about a dog in a hat. It’s not like, “Wow, that dog looks so beautiful in that hat” but it’s not exactly, “HAHHAHA look at that dog wearing a hat!!” either. It’s more like, “Hm, never imagined that dog in a hat. INTERESTING.” And then you just kinda move on with your day. But later that day, you might  lie down to sleep and you’ll probably giggle for a second and think, “Today was a good day, and you know what, I think it had something to do with seeing that dog in a hat.”

So, here’s a piano cover of Kandrick Lamar‘s “Swimming Pools.”

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