There have been a lot of sad happenings in the world of music lately, and here’s another piece of shitty news: funk legend George Clinton is being forced to give up the rights to some of his music in order to pay off the remaining portion of a huge debt.

According to TMZ, the law firm Hendricks & Lewis won a $1.5 million judgment against Clinton in 2010, but they only collected $340,000. To make up for the difference, a judge ruled that Clinton has to give up all rights to four Funkadelic songs: “Hardcore Jollies,” “The Electric Spanking of War Babies,” “Uncle Jam Wants You”, and “One Nation Under A Groove.”

H&L can sell the music or do whatever they want with it, and even once they’ve recovered the full $1.5 million, no rights will return to Clinton. The funk pioneer is working on the process of getting the decision overturned.