Mumford & Sons have built up a substantial following over the past few years via the release of two indie folk-exclusive albums, including this year’s sophomore effort, Babel. Fans and critics alike have come to expect a particular style of music from the English group, which has proven to be somewhat of a double-edged sword for them. While overall Babel received positive response, the album’s most common critique was that it almost could have been a double disc extension of their debut release, Sigh No More. To some the sound profile and approach to song writing appeared carbon copy-like, and this may be something the band themselves took note of as well.

It’s been reported that in a recent interview with Style Magazine, lead singer Marcus Mumford divulged that the group is considering some creative new directions for their third album. During the discussion he shared: “We’ve always done what feels good, rather than what we’ve thought long and hard about, and we’ll do whatever feels soulful next, whether that’s with an electric guitar or a synthesizer.”

Band member Ben Lovett added: “It’s dangerous for us to talk about what we’ve been discussing for the third album, but we do have greater ambitions not to just stay within certain sonic confines.” “We’re not going to be the band that stands for folk music or organic music.”

This news comes by way of NME, which also fingered Outkast member Big Boi as one potential collaborator the band might consider working with in the future. The Atlanta rapper was previously quoted as saying, “I was actually going to do something with Mumford & Sons. I ran into them at Glastonbury. Still something will probably be in the works. They know I want to work with them and they are open to it.”

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