Baauer‘s a producer that’s destined to make 2013 something special. The rise of trap can, in part, be traced to the rise of his “Harlem Shake,” and he’s made a case for why next year could be his. And with 2012 winding down, we needed a new tune from him, so thank LuckyMe for throwing out an unreleased Baauer track for their “12 Days of Xmas” series. Days one-three have already featured cuts from Obey City, Machinedrum, and Sevendeaths, and this short (less than two minute) ditty feels like a hip-hop soundtrack for microwave popcorn. Baauer’s quirky noises (it sounds like a cavalcade of mouth-popping and found vocal bits) fit right at home with the bottom-heavy beat. Pop a few bottles to this. Grab this track, and all of the other freebies, via LuckyMe.

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