It looks like another mystery has been solved. We mentioned last night that Captain Murphy would be performing at Low End Theory in LA, and this morning the above picture surfaced online, confirming one of our suspicions and what everyone pretty much expected: the mysterious Captain Murphy was in fact Flying Lotus. Think Quasimoto to Madlib. Captain Murphy tweeted that he was waiting in line with everyone outside, and proceeded to enter with a glittery cape and hood, as per this Instagram pic. Surprisingly, no video footage from this reveal has hit the ‘Net yet, nor has FlyLo given any statement other than the following:


Now that the Captain’s out of the bag, how do you feel? Fulfilled? Let down? Trolled? And also – now what? Will FlyLo continue to play Captain Murphy when he’s in the mood for some trickery? Was this just an experiment in how to build up a faceless character? Or just some madcap fun from a talented individual?