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Saying that something is “the best such and such an artist has ever done” generally doesn’t carry much weight. With that said I’d like to run the risk of defeating my own point by stating that “So Many Details” might be the best record Toro Y Moi has released to date. As a fan of both Underneath The Pine and Causers Of This from start to finish, and even Chaz Bundick’s more recent singles (“Fetch” and “Taken”), I make that statement with a fairly high level of confidence. If you find yourself in a similar position then this new track should resonate well with you.

Toro Y Moi’s third studio LP, Anything In Return, will release January 22nd via Carpark. “So Many Details” will also release as a 7″ single on November 23rd for Record Store Day’s Back to Black Friday with a B-side remix featuring Hodgy Beats.


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