Industry manager Sam Lutfi was in court suing Britney Spears and happened to let another interesting piece of information come out:

“[Courtney Love and I] are currently working on a possible motion picture or Broadway musical based on the Nirvana catalogue, based on her life and Kurt Cobain’s.”

Earlier this week we got word that a sitcom called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is in the works and this is another case of profiting from the music one of the most iconic bands of modern times, and doing so without the approval of the driving force behind this music, Kurt Cobain. When he was alive, Kurt often expressed a distate for corporate greed and mainstream media, especially after Nirvana became massively popular. Carrying on the legacy and introducing the music to new audiences may seem like a positive in some ways, but it’s a delicate issue.

Lufti is Love’s co-manager, and for now he says the show is just an idea. Sources close to Love say that no serious steps have been taken towards making the idea come to life.

(NY Daily News)


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