P&P has been known to show Lykke Li all kinds of love. She deserves it. Aside from being a talented artist, her personality is cool as fuck. Her love for hip-hop has been brought up in countless interviews, and it’s when she combines that love with her talents that you get some really interesting results, many of which occur during her live performances. And while we don’t have footage from the above performance between Q-Tip and Lykke Li at the 2008 mtvU Woodies, we have assembled some classic clips that we’re filing under “Lykke Li meets hip-hop.” Click the picture or hit “next” to read on… <!--nextpage-->

Lykke Li vs. A Tribe Called Quest

Lykke Li vs. Lil’ Wayne

Lykke Li vs. Rick Ross

Lykke Li vs. Kanye West

Lykke Li Explains Why Rappers Like Her

This moment, from an interview with Vulture, is short, but encapsulates why we love Lykke Lifor doing her and being herself:

Last question: Why do rappers like you so much? Um … because I got balls?