“Fuck it dog, life’s a risk.” That’s what FIDLAR stands for, both in name and in spirit. The Los Angeles band earned the title “slacker rock,” and while it only takes one listen to realize why, it’s not entirely fair—FIDLAR has been working hard.

Judging by a handful of tracks and an EP of shit they recorded in their bedroom, FIDLAR is something we’ve long been waiting for—that fuzzy, crunchy, distorted garage rock/punk sound that’s actually done well, and done consistently. For years this sound has permeated the indie world, but for every cool single there are 20 mediocre bands with cool haircuts and ironic shirts who pump out loads of songs that all sound the same.

If you like the sound but you’re sick of not having a favorite band doing it, you need to know FIDLAR. They’ve got an ear for fun, catchy melodies, a balance between punk-minded, carefree lyrics and something more dark and moody, and the ability to mix things up enough to never be boring.

The guys have been DIY-style for a while now, but they recently signed with Mom + Pop Records and their self-titled debut album is due January 22nd. So far it’s sounding like a great one. If you aren’t already familiar, get acquainted. Click through for essential listening, videos of the band, and an interview.

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Essential Listening:

An interview with FIDLAR’s Brandon Schwartzel:

How do you guys feel about the term “slacker rock”? 
Yeah, we kinda got stuck with that term somehow. We’re actually working on shit all the fucking time.

Is “slacker rock” more about the sound or the lyrics?
I don’t know, we just make the music we want.

What were you like as a high schooler?
I was a fucking asshole.

Who are your influences?
The Black Lips, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Rolling Stones, CCR, JEFF The Brotherhood

What music are you listening to now?
The Misfits “We Are 138”

You guys are getting a lot of coverage now. How did you first start getting noticed?
We played a lot of house parties and DIY shows, and we just posted tons of shit on the internet.

Did you have a local following in L.A. before you started getting noticed online?
It kind of all happened at the same time. We’d post a song online, then book a show, then people would come to our shows and tell their friends. There wasn’t really any strategy behind it.

You guys have pretty much done things on your own so far, right? Is there any goal of getting picked up by a major label at some point? If you had the opportunity to do that now, would you?
Yeah we’ve pretty much done everything ourselves so far. We signed to a label called Mom + Pop Records in March and they’ve definitely pushed our shit a lot. We’re all about using help as long as we can make whatever we want and have control. That’s why we signed with them.

What’s a normal day like for you guys? Do you still have time to skate and surf and drink?
We make merch, record songs, plan tours, smoke weed, make videos, do interviews, drink a lot, skate, surf, make fliers, play shows, watch Cheers!

Your self-titled debut album comes out January 22nd, but you’ve already put a few songs out there. Has the reaction been what you expected?
We weren’t really expecting anything but we’re stoked that people like it.

What was it like working with Kate Nash? How did that happen?
We met Kate through Zac and I’s roommate Micki and I had no idea who she was at first. I just thought she was Micki’s cool London friend. Then we all became friends with her while she was in L.A. and things just went on from there.

What’s next?
Touring like crazy.

FIDLAR in concert

“White on White” at KXLU:

“Awkward” at Reading Festival:

Live at Moheak Radio:

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