An interesting email I got today:

Subject: Confusion!! you got – SPAM!!!! make sure you open it… and if you dig DEATHGRIPS you might want to open this..

The details and identities of the production duo 42ghosts are currently being withheld.

What is known:

-Both live in New York and Vancouver but have European backgrounds.
-Both are founding members of other non-hip hop acts.

A worthy successor to early 90’s Wu Tang and the legacy it spawned, 42ghosts are re-imagining a classic sound in a contemporary and digital climate.”

the LINK :

I was a little turned off by the playing up of the mystery, since I only like mysteries if they are 100% organic and authentic (wow, what a snobby thing to say), but remixing Death Grips is no easy task and these guys bring a gritty, Wu-Tang-esque style to it that works surprisingly well.

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