Kickstarter is a self-described funding platform for creative projects. It is a place for musicians, artists, designers, and basically any creative individual or group to get funding for their passion projects. The creators of each project set a goal amount and a deadline that they want the money by, once the deadline hits every backer’s card is charged. Here is the kicker though—no pun intended—Kickstarter works on an “all-or-nothing” model, so if the project does not receive enough pledges by the deadline to fulfill its goal, then no one is charged.

The only stipulation for joining Kickstarter is that you must have a clear goal, you can not simply raise money for your band because you are broke. The money needs to go toward an album, a tour, pressing a batch of vinyls — something must be produced at the end.

Since anyone can join Kickstarter to fund a project there is a lot of shit to sift through before you find something worthy of throwing your money at. The hip-hop page is mostly atrocious minus a few notable exceptions and the electronic music page is filled with songs fit for video game soundtracks. That being said, there is some talent worth checking out. Here are some of the most promising musicians on Kickstarter.

By Rosa Barney

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Yuno started recording songs in his bedroom in Jacksonville, FL in 2007 and has not stopped. In 2010 he released Marsh, an EP he recorded in his bedroom and he plans on recording and releasing his forthcoming album, V, from his bedroom. His music is best described as upbeat surf pop with electronic elements. Yuno took to Kickstarter in August 2012 to raise $2,000 to go toward better equipment and a tour.

Amanda Palmer

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Amanda Palmer first made a name for herself as the singer of The Dresden Dolls, she eventually branched out and began a successful solo career. Palmer’s music is hyper stylized and necessitates a few listens before you can pick up on all the nuances. In April 2012 she asked Kickstarter for $100,000 to fund her new album, tour and book, she received $1.2 million which is a record amount of funding generated by Kickstarter to date.

Nocturnal Youth

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Nocturnal Youth is a Los Angeles based duo that up until this point has done everything themselves. Their music is driven by their passion for string instruments and singer Samantha Pearl’s haunting voice. They launched their Kickstarter in September to raise a small sum of $800 to fund the production of their EP.


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Gangi is an electro-pysch duo that has been making music together since they were 12 years old but are only just getting around to making their first album together. Their music features looping vocals, a sprinkle of saxophone, and real drums. Their kickstarter page was started in August to raise $5,000 to fund their debut album and its release.


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Erix S. Laurent is the Miami based musician behind Teepee, a progressive pop music project influenced by drone based melodies and synthetic sounds. Teepee recently wrapped his album entitled Distant Love or: Time Never Meant Anything, And Never Will after a long two-year process. He started his Kickstarter in August 2012 and asked for $4,000 to fund his east coast tour.

Throw Vision

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Throw Vision are a Brooklyn based trio of self-described “friendly, enthusiastic misanthropes.” Their music couples energetic guitar riffs with the soulful chops of singer Tiff O. Throw Vision started their Kickstarter project to fund the mixing and mastering of their debut album which they plan to release for free. They launched their project page on October 1st and have until November 1st to raise their goal amount of $3,500.

Chaos Chaos

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Formerly of the band Smoosh, sisters Chloe and Asy have decided to change gears and start a new music project under the name Chaos Chaos. Their inspiration to form a band and pursue music came from a chance encounter with Jason McGerr, the drummer for Death Cab for Cutie, who would later become their mentor and drum teacher. They started their Kickstarter in July 2012 and asked for $2,500. So far they’ve received $6,055.

Savoir Adore

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Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro were two solo artists that met while participating in a bet, the rules that brought them together? Forty eight hours and no acoustic guitars. That was in 2007 and the result was Savoir Adore. Their music is ethereal and fanciful with Deidre’s voice calling out clear over the track. Paul and Deidre joined Kickstarter in September 2012 asking for $10,000 to fund their new album, tour and future music videos.

The Physics

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The Physics are a Seattle based trio contributing to the unique hip-hop emerging from The Town (that is what Seattle-ites call their city). They started their Kickstarter project in July 2012 and asked for $8,000 to fund their third album, Tomorrow People, which they promise will be full of  “dope raps, dope beats, and dope hooks.” They have collaborated with a number of Seattle based musicians such as Jake One, Sol, Grynch, Vitamin D, J. Pinder, and others.

Lindsey Pavao

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You might recognize Lindsey Pavao from season 2 of The Voice—she was the one with the sexy voice and Skrillex haircut. Her stint on the popular TV show left her with a lot of fans and no management team so she took her case to Kickstarter. Pavao launched her project in June 2012 and asked the Kickstarter community for $25,000 to fund her dream of releasing a full length album of all her own songs—none of the covers she performed on The Voice.