Flo-Rida’s “Low” just turned five years old. Since those days of Applebottom jeans and boots with the fur, Tramar Dillard has invaded our ears with his many (many, many) #1 hits driven by catchy hooks and recognizable song samples. His formula for success relies heavily on taking hit songs and making them into Flo-Rida songs. These songs have occupied so much of our attention that, more often than not, it’s impossible to divorce the original from Flo-Rida’s aggressively sampling results. Can we really be mad at him for being so successful? Yes, we can.

Here are 9 songs that Flo-Rida has forever tarnished with his sampling.

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Bruce Springsteen – “Prove It All Night” (1978)

Sampled by: Flo-Rida – “Elevator” (2008)

The Original: A classic from The Boss about how to win a woman’s heart over by proving “it” all night. And of course it comes complete with a sax solo. Swoop.

What Flo-Rida Did With It: A generic, club-ready hit about how if Flo-Rida wants to get with you, you’re going to be stuck on his elevator (there’s no escape), as well as other weak and ambiguous sexual innuendos.


Pretty Tony – “Jam the Box” (1984)

Sampled by: Flo-Rida – “In the Ayer” (2008)

The Original: A fun embodiment of what the cross between dance and hip-hop was like in the early 80s. Press play and there will be an 80s dance party.

What Flo-Rida Did With It: A song that promotes throwing one’s hands in the air if the song playing is one’s “jam,” doubling as a marketing strategy that pushes “In The Ayer” to become one’s jam.


Dead or Alive – “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” (1984)

Sampled by: Flo-Rida – “Right Round” (2009)

The Original: An irresistibly catchy single by the British new wave band that’s got a delightful flair and may inspire bold androgynous fashion statements and big hair.

What Flo-Rida Did With It: A bubbly version of the original with a Ke$ha feature (cringe) and references to rims, jewelry, and Flo-Rida’s pole (cringe).


Timbaland ft. Dr. Dre, Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliott – “Bounce” (2007)

Sampled by: Flo-Rida – “Finally Here” (2009)

The Original: A dark, seductive, panty-dropping cut by Timbaland with some help from Dre and Missy for some filthy verses.

What Flo-Rida Did With It: A song that proves Flo-Rida is not built for dark, moody cuts. Thankfully, it doesn’t sound too much like the original, but now that we’re aware of the association, the Timbaland original will never be the same.


Eiffel 65 – “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” (1999)

Sampled by: Flo-Rida – “Sugar” (2009)

The Original: A cheesy but lovable early 90s electronic track with a catchy but non-sensible hook.

What Flo-Rida Did With It: Annoyed us with more cliche-heavy sex raps and possibly the most irritating chorus of the century.


Benny Benassi – “Satisfaction” (2003)

Sampled by: Flo-Rida – “Touch Me” (2009)

The Original: An EDM staple from the early 2000s with the most shamelessly sexual music video.

What Flo-Rida Did With It: Another obnoxious club-rap-pop song with a chorus that repeats “touch me, touch me, touch me.” And if that wasn’t irritating enough, more Ke$ha vocals get tacked on.


Avicii – “Levels” (2011)

Sampled by: Flo-Rida – “Good Feeling” (2011)

The Original: An international club hit from the wunderkind Avicii which samples Etta James’ “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.”

What Flo-Rida Did With It: A song sampling a song that samples another song. We were already starting to get annoyed with “Levels” anyway, and then Flo-Rida came in and did what he does best: made a generic Flo-Rida hit out of another hit.


Bryan Adams – “Run to You” (1984) & LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” (2011)

Sampled by: Flo-Rida – “Run” (2012)

The Originals: A Canadian rocker’s attempt at romanticism and a ubiquitous, high-energy club-banger.

What Flo-Rida Did With It: A manufactured, unimaginative pop song with lyrics that suggest more than one girl would want to get physical with Flo-Rida at one time. Thankfully, we weren’t too attached to these originals.

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