Going into an Animal Collective video, we brace ourselves and prepare our minds to be fucked. Still Animal Collective manages to outdo expectations every time with new heights of mindfuckery. Here’s the video for the lead single from the upcoming Centipede Hz.

The video was filmed on location at the salt flats of El Mirage, CA and stars band member Avey Tare alongside a giant piñata head.  It was directed by long time Animal Collective collaborator Danny Perez (ODDSAC, Summertime Clothes, Who Could Win A Rabbit).

On Sunday night, August 19th, Animal Collective will premiere their new album Centipede Hz (Sept 4th) LIVE on Animal Collective Radio (radio.myanimalhome.net). At 9PM EST the transmission will begin with Geologist’s radio show followed immediately by the album premiere.